Video marketing was a niche. In the earlier days of the internet, if you needed to reach a certain niche of people, only then you’d have to create a video marketing strategy. But that is not the case anymore.

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Today, people all around the world are watching videos online. In fact, the majority of them consume video content on a daily basis and they would consume it more often compared to other forms of content like text, images, and audio. People watch videos for entertainment: cat videos, music videos, podcasts, product reviews, etc. They watch videos to learn something like coding, DIY projects, makeup, etc. To research products and services like tankless home water electric heaters, home decoration, alarms, anything. They watch videos to find out how a product or service works and more. People watch videos for a lot of things.

There are reasons why the majority prefer video over other forms of media. One of them is that video is the amalgamation of text, images, and audio. Why settle for one of the latter three when you can have them all at the same time? Further, a video can explain a lot of things more efficiently than text, images, and audio within a shorter amount of time while retaining your audience’s attention.

What we’re trying to tell you is this: you need to start incorporating video to your marketing strategy. Video can help you sell your products and services with ease. Majority of businesses now uses video as a marketing tool and consumers are actually expecting to see more videos from brands or business that they support.

With that in mind, Let’s explore how creating videos for your business or company is good for selling and promoting your products and services.

Videos Increase Your Exposure

And not just by a few percentages, it increases your brand’s exposure by a lot. If you create an effective video promoting your product or service and upload it to social media sites like Facebook and YouTube, you will have a massive reach. According to Wyzowl, almost half of people will share video content with their friends over other types of content. That means if you made a viral video, your brand’s name will spread like a wildfire.

Aside from the power of social share, YouTube and Facebook, two of the most popular social networks, has billions of monthly users around the world. If you do your video marketing right, you can easily rise to success, just like the Dollar Shave Club with their wonderful marketing video.

Videos Increase your Site’s Traffic

With increased exposure comes more site traffic. Studies have shown that having a video significantly increases organic traffic to a company’s website.

Aberdeen Group found out that companies using videos saw a 41% increase in web traffic from search engines compared to those who aren’t. Combining video with SEO returns very promising results. Another interesting thing about their research is that optimizing your website for SEO by producing quality text content and relevant videos are massively better than just focusing on video or text alone.

People also tend to visit a company’s website after watching an interesting video from them. No matter if its a promotional video, an explainer video or an informative video, if it provides value to the user, they will more likely to visit the website to learn more about the company and even purchase or subscribe to its offerings.

Videos Are Memorable

Unlike text, audio or even images which are easily forgotten by most people, videos are more memorable, meaning that people are more likely to remember your company and your products or services if they saw a video about it rather than if they read an article about it. According to Popvideo, people retain 95% of the message when they saw it in a video compared to only 10% when they saw it in text. That’s a massive difference.

Videos Build Trust

One of the foundations of success is trust. If people don’t trust you, they won’t buy your products or services. You probably already knew it but the concept of marketing is to get people to trust your brand and create long-term relationships.

Marketing isn’t all about selling products, it’s also about providing useful, relevant and interesting information to your prospects so you can show them that you are serious and knowledgeable in your field. This not only creates trust but also respect since you showed your prospects that you know what you’re offering or doing.

With video, you can easily build trust. Promotional videos that provide useful information in a conversational tone not only establishes your authority but also helps you connect to your prospects, leading to them trusting your brand and possibly establishing a long-term relationship to it.

Again, take a look at Dollar Shave Club’s marketing video and see how they effectively built trust and relationship to their target audience by being simple, humorous and relatable. Of course, you shouldn’t just copy what they did. Sometimes, you can’t just create a humorous promotional video and expect people to come to you. What if you’re a company offering memorial services? Make sure you can match the tone of your target audience. That is one of the keys to creating a successful video.

People Want Your Videos

Yes, you read that right. People want to see videos from you. They want to see videos from brands they use or support. More than half of them do, according to Hubspot.

People who are looking for a product or service is a different story, however. Almost all of them will actively seek videos related to whatever they are looking for. In fact, 96% of people said they’ve watched an explainer video so they can learn more about a product or service, according to Wyzowl.

That means you have to create explainer videos to help people find you and understand your products and services better. The effectiveness of your videos is also very important because according to the same research by Wyzwol, 79% of people said that videos convinced them to buy a software or app.

Finally, instead of focusing most of your time and effort creating articles, infographics, presentations or pitches about your products, you should focus more on creating short videos because 68% of people prefer them over other learning tools. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should neglect other forms of content, it’s just you need to shift your resources in favor of video content.


Videos are an effective form of communication and as a result, it’s a great way to promote your products and services to your target audience. A good video invokes feelings, connects to your users and helps you build trust and authority. Finally, people want and prefer video over other forms of online content nowadays, so it’s best for your company to leverage the power of video today.

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