Video Marketing for All Niches is a team of individuals dedicated to producing quality videos for our clients. We are composed of highly trained professionals knowledgeable in every aspect of video creation, video marketing, storyboarding, online marketing, SEO algorithms, corporate video production and many more.

Our story started in the room of our founder, Lena Vargas when she asked for help in creating a simple video advertisement of her aunt for her Facebook page. Being video hobbyists and enthusiasts, we were thrilled about this opportunity because finally, we will be able to showcase our skills on a semi-professional level.

It was not until after our founder’s aunt’s success that we’ve decided to make this our full-time job. Because, why not do something for a living that we really are very passionate about? That’s when we started this company.

Ever since then, we were able to get a lot of customers since many people asked about who made the video advertisement for our founder’s aunt. With our expertise and knowledge, we were able to come up with magnificent video marketing solutions for our clients. For years, we’ve received video creation requests from individuals, small businesses, business individuals, medium companies and even some large corporations.

Our passion for video creation and marketing paired with our decades of experience makes us one of the best video marketing agencies in the country.

If you are interested in our services, visit our services page or you may also drop us a message here.